Summer Goals Using If…Then Statements


Hello to my lovely readers! I have been on a self-improvement kick lately. I recently realized that I’ve been pretty negative and I’ve been letting myself go. I gained forty pounds in the last two years, my panic attacks returned, and I’ve been very down on myself. I decided that it’s time for a change. Nothing is going to get better unless I do something about it. I decided to share with y’all what I am doing about it.

I stumbled across this article by The Cusp about using If…Then statements to set your goals. The basic concept is, if you actually make a plan of what you are going to do, it is easier to follow those goals. Just saying you have a goal isn’t really going to help. You need a plan of action, not just a wish to do something. I thought it was a great idea so I wrote down some if..then statement goals in my notebook to work on this summer.

  1. If I make a shopping list, then I will purchase healthier items at the grocery store.
  2. If I cook healthy meals at home, then I will lose weight and save money.
  3. If I carry my water bottle with me at all times, then I will not be tempted to buy soda and other sugary drinks.
  4. If I take pictures of my food and share them with my new nutrition coach on the Rise App*, then I will be more aware of my food choices.

These are my main goals for the summer! Do you have any goals? What do you think about using if…then statements to set goals? Feel free to share with me below. I would love to hear from y’all!

I will revisit this post in September to update y’all on what has happened.

*This is not a sponsored post!*

How To Cheer Yourself Up When You Are Feeling Down

Everyone feels sad sometimes. Nobody is free from down days. I’ve been feeling really sad lately. I was diagnosed with depression as a teen but I’ve learned ways to manage. I’m also lucky that my current employer has free anonymous counseling for employees going through hard times. It’s nice to have someone to talk to even if my job is partially to cause of my latest bout of negative feelings. Here are some other things I do to cheer myself up.
  • Eat chocolate! I love chocolate and I have a major sweet tooth. I am trying to lose weight but I tell myself as long as I don’t gorge myself, I can still treat myself to chocolate. It is also nice that Easter candy is on clearance right now.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day! I did this last night after dinner. I had a long day at work where I had cried several times and had to attend an hour long meeting with the HR District Manager. It was not a good day for me so I knew I need to relax. I took a bubble bath, wore a face mask, and painted my nails a really cute pastel blue color (I’ll post a picture later). Sometimes, a bit of pampering is what you need to cheer up.
  • Go for a walk! I love to take the dogs on a walk. I can walk in silence, enjoy the scenery, and just think. My dogs enjoy the exercise too.
  • Take a nap! It’s okay to take some time for yourself and and sleep. It’s not being lazy. It’s okay to spend a day alone lounging around. If that’s what you need, that’s what you need.

What are some things you do when you are feeling down? I’d love to hear some new ideas and tricks to try.

How to Feel Better When you are Sick

I am sick. Luckily I have today off and I knew I was getting sick. Several friends have been sick and I’ve been around them to help take care of them so I knew it was coming. Here is what I am doing today to make myself feel better:
  • Drinking lots of fluids- No matter what kind of illness you have, you should drink a lot! I currently have a glass of water and a mug of tea in front of me. Don’t gulp down a lot of water at once. Take frequent small sips over time. Just make sure you don’t get dehydrated.
  • Eat crackers- You don’t want to eat anything too heavy so saltines are good. Eat slowly and wait 15 minutes before you eat more to see if you can hold the food down.
  • Heating pad- Heating pads are wonderful! I use them for back pain, stomach aches, headaches, or when I’m cold and need to warm up.
  • Sleep- Make sure you get enough sleep. You will feel better and be able to fight off  any germs faster.
  • Lysol- Spray Lysol around so you don’t reinfect yourself or get other house members sick.

I rarely go to the doctor unless I have been sick a long time or had to call out of work. What do you do to get better when you get sick?

Essential Oils: Tea Tree Oil

My mom and I are on a natural products kick. I’m not sure who started it first but we’ve switched a lot of our makeup, medicines, beauty supplies, etc… over to more natural products. The last few months, we’ve really gotten into essential oils. I thought I’d do a series on essential oils. They won’t be every week because I feel it takes at least month to see the effects of a new product but I will post about an essential oil occasionally! The first essential oil I want to discuss is tea tree oil.

I would like to do some more research on the uses of tea tree oil but I use it for acne. I’ve always found that regular products, especially with salicylic acid, just makes my face break out more. I am very prone to breakouts, especially the week before shark week (if you know what I mean). For a while, I just left my face alone but I am a bit self conscious. I heard that tea tree oil really helps with acne. I started using tea tree oil on my acne about six months ago. I love it! Within an hour of applying it, the pimple hurts a lot less and starts to dry out. Usually by the next day, it’s just a flat little red spot and then it’s gone within 48 hours.

I have naturally oily skin so it seems like I shouldn’t use oil on my face. I don’t put the oil all over. I use it as a spot treatment. I also make sure to wash my face beforehand and use a light, unscented facial moisturizer afterwards.

Also, note that I only use tee tree oil on whiteheads and cystic pimples. I am very prone to blackheads, especially on my nose but I haven’t found a cure to that yet!

Have you tried tea tree oil on your acne before? Did it work for you? Also, what other essential oils do you like to use and why? If you have any suggestions, comment below and I may feature you in a future post!