Summer Safety For Your Dog


Hello! Today I wanted to share with you a few tips to keep your dogs safe during the summer. It was inspired by an incident that happened today when I went to my local bank. I noticed a dog locked in a hot car and when I came out of the bank later, the dog was still locked up! I called the police and they rescued the dog before it was too late. Luckily, the dog had no permanent damage but it still angered me that somebody could be so heartless and irresponsible. That being said, here are some basic summer safety tips for your dog!

  • First, you should regularly¬†provide flea, tick, and worm preventatives for your dog. Summer, especially here in coastal Virginia, means all sorts of bugs! It’s important to provide monthly flea and tick treatment for your dogs. Also, make sure you are giving them a heartworm preventative. I’ve fostered several dogs that had heartworms and it is so sad to see them suffer!
  • Second, you should be careful about the temperature the pavement or sidewalk. Try walking in the grass, if you can and make sure you check your dog’s paws after walking! Burns from a hot sidewalk can be very painful on the pads of a dog’s paw.
  • If you are taking your dog out and about, bring water! There are so many collapsible water bowls that make bringing water for your dog easy! Don’t let them drink out of puddles because dogs can get nasty diseases like Giardia. If you are at a park with a communal water bowl for dogs, be careful. Not everyone deworms or properly cares for their dog and they might be spreading nasty diseases around.
  • Please, do not shave your dog! Their fur actually keeps their skin from heating up. Shaving your dog for the summer could actually cause harm! If you are thinking about getting a dog, try to adopt a breed that does well in the climate you live in. For example, Huskies are snow dogs so a southern summer may not be comfortable for them!
  • Finally, please do not lock your dogs in a hot area with no way of keeping cool. That means cars, sheds, and garages. If you are leaving your dog in a garage for the day, provide some sort of way of cooling down such as fans and fresh water. If you can’t bring your dogs into the stores you are going to, leave them home! It only takes a few minutes for a car to heat up on a hot summer day. It may be 90 degrees outside but it will be several degrees hotter in a car. Cracking the windows won’t help if there is no air flow!

These are my tips for keeping your dog safe in the summer. I am not a professional but these are ways I keep my three dogs safe. Do you have any tips for keeping a dog healthy and happy in the summer heat?

Morning Chores at an Exotic Animal Farm

I got to spend the morning helping out at an exotic animal farm. It was a lot of fun and I got to make friends with a four day old Jerusalem donkey. There are tons of animals there. I got to take care of everything from Zebras, to goats, to emus, to ducks! I totally felt at home here and hope to be invited back again to help with morning chores.

If you could own a farm animal or an exotic animal, what would it be?

5 Reasons Why I Love Spring!

I love spring! Spring is my second favorite season (obviously autumn is my favorite season). It’s a wonderful time of the year, aside from allergies. I love being outdoors during the spring!
1. Warm weather! I love starting out with a sweater in the morning but being able to shed layers and drive with my sunroof open in the afternoon. Spring is not too hot but not too cold either.
2. Flowers! I adore flowers. My mom’s daffodils are in bloom and she likes to pick a bunch of them and put them in a vase on the kitchen table. I love smelling flowers and seeing the bright colors after a long and dreary winter. Flowers make me happy!
3. Baby animals! I’m animal lover and I love the new life born during the spring. We currently have three week old ducklings and three two day old ducklings. We also have about 40 duck eggs in the incubator and 40 the ducks are sitting on. Baby animals are so cute and it’s fun to watch them grow up.
4. Gardening! Spring is when mom and I plant the garden. I love spending time with my mom planting tomatoes, squash, and other yummy vegetables and fruits knowing that in a few short months, I’ll have fresh food to put on the table.
5. Pastel colors! I love spring colors. I’ve always liked pastels and they go nicely with my pale skin tone. I like to paint my nails in pastel colors and find cute floral sundresses to wear to church on Sundays.
What are some things you like about spring?

I’m back!

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Hello! Things have been so crazy so I didn’t have time to post for a few months! Things are going to continue to be crazy for the next few weeks (I’m in a wedding, I have jury duty, I have class, work, and a million other things) but I’m going to try to post. Most likely, this blog will become more active again after the new year. Here are a few pictures for you. I went to the county fair and entered some of my ducks and they all placed in their groups! It was a lot of fun!

Oh Hey Friday!

1. I’m going to give the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure another try so look for a second chance post soon! You can read my original review here!¬†
2. Mom recently bought two ducks and it turns out that they are an endangered breed of duck called Welsh Harlequins! We are excited and plan on buying two females to be companions for our two drakes!
3. Went swimming with my dog in the lake behind my parent’s house earlier this week! She is a Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, which is hard to find in the United States. We seem to have a thing for rare breeds!
4. My friend is a volunteer for Meal on Wheels and she knits scarves for the recipients of meals every year and hands them out at Christmas time. She asked for my help so I’m committing to help knit about 120 scarves! I love to knit but this is going to be a lot! It will be interesting to see how many I can get done. I have until December though.
5. My boyfriend recently asked me what my ring size was. That is all…