Inspiration: Man’s Best Friend

Inspiration: Man's Best Friend

Returning to College!


Hello to my lovely readers! I have a confession to make. I took one semester off of college and then it turned into four years off. I took some time off because of a number of reasons including my dream school is too expensive. I did enjoy one amazing year on campus and I don’t regret it! I still talk to my roommates from freshman year! That being said, I have a big announcement!

I am returning to school! I finally am making it happen. I’m actually going to start out at my local community college with two online classes to get my feet wet and then I plan on transferring to the online school of the University that I originally started out at. This time, I am not stopping until I get my degree. There going to be no more semesters off. It’s degree or bust! School doesn’t start for another month and a couple of weeks but I’m starting to prepare. I’ve gotten some school supplies together and I’m going to pay tuition this week. I’m so excited! I wish August 21st would hurry up and get here.

Are any of y’all in college?