My Top Five Attractions at Walt Disney World Epcot-Future World!


Hello to my lovely readers! Today I am going to share with you my favorite attractions at Epcot- Future World! Epcot in my favorite park and I had a blast there back in January.

  1. Soarin’- Soarin’ is amazing! This was the first ride I went on at Epcot and it’s pretty cool. Without giving too much away, you get lifted into the air and you get to travel all around the world to see amazing wonders and monuments. The ride was too short and I was not ready for it to end.
  2. Ellen’s Energy Adventure- This is an old ride and most people find it outdated but I really enjoyed it. Plus it featured Ellen Degeneres. How bad can it be?
  3. Living With the Land- This is a relaxing boat ride that shows you the gardens and behind the scenes at Epcot. It teaches you about living off the land and growing vegetables for sustainability. Some of the food grown there is used in Disney Restaurants!
  4. Spaceship Earth- You can’t go to Epcot and not ride Spaceship Earth. This ride is a classic! That’s all that needs to be said.
  5. Circle of Life-  This is a good one if you need to get out of the heat. It’s a video involving some favorite Lion King Characters and talks about pollution and how we need to act now to save the Earth from destruction. It’s educational and inspiring!

What are your favorite attractions at Epcot- Future World?


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