My Top Five Must Do’s in Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Hello to my lovely readers! I love to travel and I wish I could travel more. After our trip to Disney, S and I decided that we wanted to travel a lot more. We had a lot of fun touring around and experiencing new places. While I won’t be going anywhere for at least six months, I still am enjoying planning my next adventure. I thought I’d also start a regular series on travel tips and recaps. That being said, today I am sharing my top five must do’s in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These are the experiences I enjoyed the most and that I reccomend you do.

  1. Festival of the Lion King- Please do not miss the Festival of the Lion King. Without giving anything away, it is amazing! Some of the tricks and acrobatics are awesome and you will find yourself singing along the entire show.
  2. Kilimanjaro Safaris- This was my favorite attraction at the Animal Kingdom. It was cool to drive right past the animals and see them going about their daily routines. Disney has done a very good job with the habitats and the animals have a lot of space to move about. If you love animals, this is a must do!
  3. It’s Tough to be a Bug!- This was a fun little show that is a must do if you loved A Bug’s Life when you were a kid. It has some interaction (such as being sprayed with water and other things) and is a lot of fun!
  4. Dinosaur- Dinosaur is totally a thrill ride. You get to travel back in time and help save a dinosaur! There are some drops and scary moments but you’ll be grinning as you get off the ride!
  5. Conservation Station- I enjoyed this little walk through and you will too especially if you are interested in ways you can save the planet and be a little more green. There is a petting zoo at the end of the walk where you can brush goats and you may even meet Rafiki!

Have you been to Animal Kingdom? What are you favorite attractions? If you haven’t been what attractions would you like to try? I’d love to hear from y’all!





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