Cozy Inspiration 1: Gray Tones

Good morning! It is finally starting to cool down here in Virginia. I love fall and winter because you can make things so cozy. I noticed recently a trend called Hygge. Hygge is basically the Dutch art of making your home cozy. It’s going back to being simple and comfortable. I love anything cozy so I thought that this fall and winter, I’d tried to embrace that concept. I’ve always been a lover of coziness, knits, sweaters, and just being comfortable. In addition to my weekly inspiration boards, I thought I’d do a cozy inspiration board each week. I will feature a different color each week. This week, I decided to do gray. I love gray. It seems dreary but gray is such a versatile color and you can match it with other colors. What colors would you like me to feature? How do you stay cozy during the colder months?
Cozy Inspiration 1: Gray Tones



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