Hurricane Preparation


Hello! Hopefully everyone is safe and will remain safe throughout this storm that is coming up the east coast. Luckily, here in Virginia, we will only get a little bit of rain and wind. Hurricane Matthew is supposed to loop back around south of us and miss us which is fortunate. We will still flood a bit because of the ground being over saturated. It rains a lot here in the fall and we don’t need any more rain! Even though the hurricane is supposed to miss us, I thought I would share how we prepare for hurricanes.

  1. Make sure all animals have some sort of identification- This is so important just in case something happens and you get separated from your pets. We have our dogs and cats microchipped and they have tags on their collars. Please make sure your information is up to date on their microchips, especially if you have moved or changed phone numbers recently. For our horses, we take laminated index cards with our contact info and braid it into their tails with twine. We also keep a binder of our pets’ medical information on the kitchen counter in case we have to evacuate.
  2. Stock up on water- Go to the grocery store (early) and buy those big gallon cartons of water. We  also fill up as many water bottles that we can find. We fill up every bucket and the water tanks for the horses. Right before the storm hits, we wipe out our bathtubs and fill them up with water just in case we have no power for a few days.
  3. Stock up on food- Purchase non-perishable foods such as canned food, dried fruit, crackers, and canned soup. Also, stock up on extra food for your pets including dry food and canned food.
  4. Make sure you have all of your medicine– Make sure you have enough medicine to last you a few days just in case the stores remain closed. I would put them in a gallon zippy bag in a convenient place so you can grab the bag if you have to leave quickly.
  5. Have an escape plan-This is so important! Know how you are going to pack your vehicles and transport your animals, know where you are going, and know how you are going to get there. Most cities have an evacuation plan so it’s worth looking up that information.

Hopefully everyone will stay safe and the United States will be spared serious damage. Feel free to comment below how you prepare for a hurricane or other natural disasters in your area.


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