Rainy Day Activities



I absolutely love rain. I’m always most relaxed when I can hear the rain drumming on the roof. I even love driving in the rain. Here in southeast Virginia, it’s been raining for about five days straight. My dad has a rain gauge (he’s a weather watcher for the local weather research station) and he said we’ve already gotten ten inches of rain this week! There has been some flooding in low spots but otherwise, I’ve been having fun. Today, I am  going to share what I like to do on rainy days.

  • If it’s warm enough (like right now it’s in the 80s), I love to go outside and stomp around in the puddles. I usually go barefoot but I do have a multicolored polka dot umbrella and matching boots (from my college days).
  • I love visiting the library, especially during the winter. My local library was just built about five years ago and it’s amazing. I do love the old library that was converted from a one room school house but the new library is pretty awesome. It has a huge children’s room and an adult room. There is a foyer with comfy couches and cafe style tables. The librarians are nice and are always willing to suggest good books.
  • On rainy days, I like to go to the gym. I normally like to go running at the local state park but some days, it’s too muddy. I go to the YMCA and like to run on the treadmills right in front of these floor to ceiling windows. There is a cornfield across the street and sometimes I’ll see deer and other wildlife while I’m working out.
  • Another thing I like to do is have friends over for tea. I’ll make fruit tarts and scones and then brew a pot of one of my favorite teas from the English Tea Store. Some of my friends knit so we’ll spend several hours knitting and discussing ideas.

What do you like to do on rainy days?


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