How to Survive Your First Week of College



Good evening to my lovely readers! As promised, here is the first post on my school survival series. Today, I am sharing my tips on surviving your first week of college.

Plan Ahead

Make a list of things you need to do before you leave and make a list of things to bring. Having a plan for move-in day will make things go so much smoother.

Don’t pack your entire bedroom

Trust me when I say this. I packed way too much my freshman year. Unless you live in another country, you can leave your off season stuff at home and just switch it out when you go home for fall break. You will thank yourself and your roommates will thank you for not taking up all the storage space.

Participate in Dorm Activities

The get the know you games and first week cookouts may seem cheesy but it’s a great way to make new friends and feel more comfortable in your new school.

Print our your syllabus and start reading

Most of my professors have expected the first chapter of the textbook the be read before the first class. Plus it’s good to know what topics you are going to study and when things are do. You don’t want to be cramming last minute when you want to hang out with your new friends!

Get enough sleep

Please get enough rest each night, especially the first week. You’ll be doing a lot of things during the day and you’ll be exhausted. Don’t stay up all night just to stay up all night!

What are you tips for incoming college freshmen?


5 thoughts on “How to Survive Your First Week of College

    • Thank you! There is a group for everyone in college. My freshman year, I found a writing group. One of my roommate’s found a Biology club (she was a bio major), and my other roommate who was a youth ministry major joined a prayer leader group. There is something for everyone!


  1. I packed way too much my freshman year. My school didn’t divide dorms by year so I knew both my sophomore roommates were rolling their eyes at the amount of stuff I had brought. It’s embarrassing now that I think about it. lol


  2. Soo with you on not packing your entire room. My freshman year I was convinced I’d need so many sentimental items with me…even photo albums and my bulky yearbooks. The only thing that did was make moving in and out a lot harder than it needed to be haha.

    When in doubt, leave it home. Unless you’re going to school far from home, you’ll likely be able to go back in a few weeks to pick up anything you realize you need.


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