Autumn Would You Rather


I saw this on Tumblr and decided to post it on my blog! As you can tell by my name, I love Autumn! Autumn will be here soon and I am excited! In honor of my favorite season, I decided to answer a few would you rather questions.

1. Go apple picking V.S. Go on a hay ride

Go apple picking

2. Scary V.S. Sweet
3 Sweaters V.S. Boots
4. Socks V.S. Mittens
5. Bonfires V.S. Football
6. Trick or Treating V.S. Watch Scary movies
Watch scary movies
7. Apple Pie V.S. Pumpkin Pie
Apple pie
8. Halloween V.S. Thanksgiving
9. Bake Pie V.S. Bake Cookies
Bake pie
10. Rain V.S. Fog
11. Black Cats V.S. Owls
Black cats
12. Ghosts V.S. Wizards
13. Harry Potter V.S. Halloweentown
Harry Potter
14. Go Hiking V.S. Sleep in
Go hiking
15. Cinnamon V.S. Nutmeg
16. Reading V.S. Writing
17. Hot Chocolate V.S. Tea
18. Live in a Cabin In a Forest V.S. Have it be fall 24/7
Have it be fall 24/7
19. Candy Apples V.S. Caramel Apples
Caramel apples
20. Blankets V.S. Pillows
21. Roasted marshmallows V.S. Roasted Chestnuts
Roasted marshmallows
22. Coffee V.S. Apple Cider
Apple cider
23. Red Leaves V.S. Orange Leaves
Red leaves
24. Braids V.S. Bows
25. Scented Candles V.S. The Smell of Fresh Baked Goods
Scented candles
26. Carve Pumpkins V.S. Make Pumpkin Pie
Carve pumpkins
27. Pumpkin Spice Lattes V.S. Chai Tea Lattes
Chai tea lattes
28. Coats V.S. Oversized Sweaters
Oversized sweaters
29. Beanies V.S. Berets
30. Candy Corn V.S. Peanut Butter Cups
Peanut butter cups
31. S’mores V.S. Apple Crisp
Apple crisp
32. Jump In a Pile of Leaves V.S. Swing on a Tire Swing
Swing on a tire swing
33. Corn Maze V.S. Haunted House
Corn maze
34. Bob For Apples V.S. Visit a Pumpkin Patch
Visit a pumpkin patch
35. Whipped Cream on Hot Chocolate V.S. Marshmallows on Hot Chocolate
Whipped cream on hot chocolate
What are your answers to these would you rather questions?

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