Inspiration Board 16: Beach Days

Hello my lovely readers! It’s been awhile! Things have been crazy but I’ve been trying to relax the last few weeks. I’ve been going through a lifestyle transition so I haven’t been able to post much. I am ready to start posting again though! I thought it would be perfect to start off with an inspiration board with beach vibes. I live thirty minutes from Virginia Beach and about an hour and a half from the Outer Banks of North Carolina so I was totally raised as a saltwater girl. When I wasn’t riding horses, you could probably find me helping my dad work on the boat (sadly Hurricane Isabel in 2004 destroyed our sail boat) or lounging in the sand at the Ocean Front or in Kitty Hawk. Do you enjoy going to the beach? What beaches do you like to visit?
Inspiration Board 16: Beach Days

Loose dress

Stripe shirt

Anna Kosturova summer shorts
$140 –

Beach cover up

Beach tote bag

MACBETH tech accessory

Straw hat

Outdoor rug

Inspirational sign

Sea home decor


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