Study Tips!

Guess what I’m doing right now instead of studying? Don’t worry. I’ve already gotten a lot done and I’m taking a brain break. It’s Saturday afternoon as I write this and the perfect conditions for me to study. It’s pouring down rain outside and the the atmosphere at my boyfriend’s apartment is quiet and sleepy. He’s actually asleep on the the other couch right now so I am taking the opportunity to study and write some blog posts.
Today, I am sharing with you my study tips. These tips are just how I study so I can get the best grades I can.

Your study environment is very important. For me, I like spwrawling out on a couch and the more rain that is coming down, the better. Of course, some days I need to study and it’s sunny. I love listening to nature soundtracks on Spotify.  Rainy Mood is also a good website that simulates rain sounds. You can also find ambience soundtracks on Youtube. I love the Harry Potter location sounds. Especially, the Slytherin Common Room track. 

Everyone has their favorite stationary and supplies. I’m not too picky. I always stock up on school supplies when Walmart has their huge sale in July. The only things I really splurge on are my pens. I love Uniball. You can find them a Walmart and drug store too but they always cost a bit more than PaperMate or Bic. I have one Binder where I have the classes separated by dividers. I also use post-it notes to mark each lesson’s notes. I have a pencil case with gel pens, mechanical pencils, white out, pens, and highlighters.

I take online classes which means I teach myself. I did live on campus at one point but online fits my study style and lifestyle better. I go through the presentations slowly and take notes. As I go, I write vocabulary words on a separate sheet of paper to define them later using the textbook glossary. In the presentations, there are usually optional ungraded quiz questions. I bookmark them and comeback to them later so I can test my knowledge and seem if I’m ready for the graded quizzes and tests. I then do all of the required reading and take notes from the text. I like to make flashcards for vocabulary words and math formulas and have my mom quiz me with them. Since I take online classes, I don’t have to do extra outside the classroom studying. I like to work straight through so I don’t really set a study schedule. I just look at my work and social schedule for the week and remind myself that I have a few hours on certain days where I can study. Days off where I need a hermit day are wonderful for knocking out schoolwork.

What are your tips and tricks for getting good grades in school? Whether you are in high school, college, grad school, or just like to self study, comment your tips below. I’d love to hear from you.


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