5 Reasons Why I Love Spring!

I love spring! Spring is my second favorite season (obviously autumn is my favorite season). It’s a wonderful time of the year, aside from allergies. I love being outdoors during the spring!
1. Warm weather! I love starting out with a sweater in the morning but being able to shed layers and drive with my sunroof open in the afternoon. Spring is not too hot but not too cold either.
2. Flowers! I adore flowers. My mom’s daffodils are in bloom and she likes to pick a bunch of them and put them in a vase on the kitchen table. I love smelling flowers and seeing the bright colors after a long and dreary winter. Flowers make me happy!
3. Baby animals! I’m animal lover and I love the new life born during the spring. We currently have three week old ducklings and three two day old ducklings. We also have about 40 duck eggs in the incubator and 40 the ducks are sitting on. Baby animals are so cute and it’s fun to watch them grow up.
4. Gardening! Spring is when mom and I plant the garden. I love spending time with my mom planting tomatoes, squash, and other yummy vegetables and fruits knowing that in a few short months, I’ll have fresh food to put on the table.
5. Pastel colors! I love spring colors. I’ve always liked pastels and they go nicely with my pale skin tone. I like to paint my nails in pastel colors and find cute floral sundresses to wear to church on Sundays.
What are some things you like about spring?

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