Spring Clean Your Bedroom!

Spring is a wonderful time of the year where everything is fresh and new. That’s why it’s so popular to deep clean your home during the spring. I plan on cleaning my bedroom on Friday when I have off from work. You should too!
First, I open my windows to let some fresh air in and find a playlist to listen to on Spotify. Music helps me to keep going and I like setting goals for myself such as finishing folding my shirts by the end of two songs. 
Next, I pick up all my clothes off the floor and put them on my bed. I sort through them and make sure I wash anything that is dirty. I sort and fold or hang up the rest of my clothes. I put my off season clothes in a plastic bin in my closet. I then sort my drawer by types of clothing. In my closet, I hang my clothes by type and color. I put my shoes in the over the door hanger and set my boots in a neat row on the left side of my closet under the dresses.
Third, I collect all of my books and put them back on my bookshelf. I then dust everything from my ceiling fan, to my books, my trinkets, mementos, and furniture. I neaten up my desk and make sure all my schoolbooks and papers are in order.
I vacuum my floor and rugs and wash my sheets. I then make my bed and spray a nice fabric refresher on my couch and blankets. I also make sure to defur the dog bed in my room.
It usually takes me a few hours to clean because I have a habit of letting things get a bit messy and not being consistent with my daily cleaning. It is nice and takes weight off my shoulders when my room is clean. It makes me feel a lot better about myself to live in a clean environment.
I plan on doing a spring cleaning series over the next few weeks. Let me know which areas of a home you would like me to feature! If you spring cleaned your home, tell me about it!

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