How To Cheer Yourself Up When You Are Feeling Down

Everyone feels sad sometimes. Nobody is free from down days. I’ve been feeling really sad lately. I was diagnosed with depression as a teen but I’ve learned ways to manage. I’m also lucky that my current employer has free anonymous counseling for employees going through hard times. It’s nice to have someone to talk to even if my job is partially to cause of my latest bout of negative feelings. Here are some other things I do to cheer myself up.
  • Eat chocolate! I love chocolate and I have a major sweet tooth. I am trying to lose weight but I tell myself as long as I don’t gorge myself, I can still treat myself to chocolate. It is also nice that Easter candy is on clearance right now.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day! I did this last night after dinner. I had a long day at work where I had cried several times and had to attend an hour long meeting with the HR District Manager. It was not a good day for me so I knew I need to relax. I took a bubble bath, wore a face mask, and painted my nails a really cute pastel blue color (I’ll post a picture later). Sometimes, a bit of pampering is what you need to cheer up.
  • Go for a walk! I love to take the dogs on a walk. I can walk in silence, enjoy the scenery, and just think. My dogs enjoy the exercise too.
  • Take a nap! It’s okay to take some time for yourself and and sleep. It’s not being lazy. It’s okay to spend a day alone lounging around. If that’s what you need, that’s what you need.

What are some things you do when you are feeling down? I’d love to hear some new ideas and tricks to try.


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