How to Feel Better When you are Sick

I am sick. Luckily I have today off and I knew I was getting sick. Several friends have been sick and I’ve been around them to help take care of them so I knew it was coming. Here is what I am doing today to make myself feel better:
  • Drinking lots of fluids- No matter what kind of illness you have, you should drink a lot! I currently have a glass of water and a mug of tea in front of me. Don’t gulp down a lot of water at once. Take frequent small sips over time. Just make sure you don’t get dehydrated.
  • Eat crackers- You don’t want to eat anything too heavy so saltines are good. Eat slowly and wait 15 minutes before you eat more to see if you can hold the food down.
  • Heating pad- Heating pads are wonderful! I use them for back pain, stomach aches, headaches, or when I’m cold and need to warm up.
  • Sleep- Make sure you get enough sleep. You will feel better and be able to fight off  any germs faster.
  • Lysol- Spray Lysol around so you don’t reinfect yourself or get other house members sick.

I rarely go to the doctor unless I have been sick a long time or had to call out of work. What do you do to get better when you get sick?


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