Oh Hey Friday!

This week wasn’t too exciting. Just worked a bit, went to Bible Study, and got started on purging my closet. 
1. This is my hound dog Bella. She normally sleeps on the floor at the foot of my bed but I made her sleep on the bed last night. She wasn’t sure what to think about it at first so she stared at me with this face for a bit.
3. It’s supposed to snow again today! I have to work and I know they won’t close for the snow. We could have a category five hurricane and we would still be open.
4. Does anyone use Disqus? I set it up on my blog because a lot of bloggers say you should but I’m always having to re-synce the comments and getting error emails. I also can’t change the color on my the Disqus comments section on my blog posts and colors are too light and don’t go with my blog. Help!
5. Here is a picture of my best friend. This was actually taken over a year ago at her twenty first birthday party but I really like the picture!

Have a happy Friday!


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