What Makes Me Follow Your Blog

I am pretty new to blogging and I am not an expert but I thought I would share what makes me follow a blog. I use Bloglovin’ to keep track of all the blogs I read. The website is very buggy but I am addicted. I probably follow over 2,000 blogs. I may follow a lot of blogs but I don’t just blindly follow. I have clicked on every single blog and read their about me page before I have followed.

Nice Pictures
Pictures are important. Don’t worry about having a really nice camera though! You can use stock photos. I do! I try to include a picture in every post. If  I click on your Bloglovin’ profile and there are no pictures, I probably won’t click on your blog. If you are a beauty blogger though, you should take your own pictures. I like to see the before and after of makeup looks.

Punctuation and Grammar
If there are a few mistakes, that’s okay to me. I make mistakes too. When your post is riddled with mistakes, I probably will click the exit button. One of my biggest pet peeves that I noticed with blogs lately is that they aren’t capitalizing names and words at the beginning of sentences. Please capitalize!

I follow all kinds of blogs. I follow beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogs. I like blogs that post a variety of topics. If you are a travel blog, don’t just post city guides. Write posts on how to pack a  carry on, best foods to try in a city, interviews with locals…etc. If you are a beauty blog, post hauls, how to clean make up brushes, and makeup tutorials. Basically, variety makes me hit the follow button.

Interaction With Other Bloggers
I will read the comments on your latest posts to see how you interact with your readers. Do you comment back? Are you friendly? If you are, I’ll hit the follow button.

Giveaways and Contests
I like giveaways and contests but if every single blog post has one, I’ll probably not follow you. I don’t know why but I find it annoying when you are constantly giving away things. There is a reason I don’t follow blogs just focused on giveaways.

Like I said before, I am not an expert on blogging. These tips are just my opinion on why I would follow your blog. Sometimes I do make exceptions to my rules.

What makes you follow a blog?


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