Oh Hey Friday!

1. Happy Friday! I work retail so normally I’m not happy about Fridays. I normally have to work but I get this weekend off. Just one shift stands between me and my weekend.
2. Our ducks and chickens have started laying a lot of eggs! We set some in an incubator to hatch some but we are also selling a bunch! We haven’t had to buy store eggs in ages.
3. J was sent back to ICU because of an infection. They can’t find the cause of  it despite the number of tests they have run. Please continue to pray for his healing. It is likely that he will have to learn to walk and talk again.
4. Rain! It’s been raining nonstop! I’ve been wearing my muck boots out everywhere, not just to the barn.
5. My little bottle baby cat woke me up this morning and then hung out with me for a good hour. We found him six years ago in a corn field. He fit in the palm of my hand when we found him. He was very sick for a long time but he pulled through. Now he is a huge chuck of love!

I am linking up with the Farmer’s Wife and September Farm.


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