January Review and Looking Forward to a More Positive February

My year didn’t start off the best but things are slowly getting better. I’m seeing today as the start of a new year instead of a month ago. Having experienced a tragedy over the holidays, it was hard to go into the new year happy. Things are starting to look up though! Nothing can bring M back but everyone is moving on and looking forward to the future. J has been transferred to a rehab program and is slowly making improvements. H is on the way to healing and S is slowly starting to get back on her feet. Hopefully justice will be brought to the drunk driver who destroyed a family on Christmas Eve.

This February, I am going to start looking for an office job. I want to get out of retail and food service and start making a life for myself. 2016 is the year of independence for me. I’m twenty three and I need to start being an adult. I need to allow my parents to step back and enjoy their lives together without me in tow.

Coming back to blogging a couple of weeks ago has helped a lot! Sometimes when I am feeling down, I’ll click on Bloglovin’ and go on a blog following binge. It helps keep my mind off of things and from overthinking. Also, now that I have my car back, I can go for rides down back roads with my music turned up.

I am looking forward to the next few months being a lot more positive!

*I use initials for people I know that I don’t have permission to actually mention their names on the blog!*


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