Essential Oils: Tea Tree Oil

My mom and I are on a natural products kick. I’m not sure who started it first but we’ve switched a lot of our makeup, medicines, beauty supplies, etc… over to more natural products. The last few months, we’ve really gotten into essential oils. I thought I’d do a series on essential oils. They won’t be every week because I feel it takes at least month to see the effects of a new product but I will post about an essential oil occasionally! The first essential oil I want to discuss is tea tree oil.

I would like to do some more research on the uses of tea tree oil but I use it for acne. I’ve always found that regular products, especially with salicylic acid, just makes my face break out more. I am very prone to breakouts, especially the week before shark week (if you know what I mean). For a while, I just left my face alone but I am a bit self conscious. I heard that tea tree oil really helps with acne. I started using tea tree oil on my acne about six months ago. I love it! Within an hour of applying it, the pimple hurts a lot less and starts to dry out. Usually by the next day, it’s just a flat little red spot and then it’s gone within 48 hours.

I have naturally oily skin so it seems like I shouldn’t use oil on my face. I don’t put the oil all over. I use it as a spot treatment. I also make sure to wash my face beforehand and use a light, unscented facial moisturizer afterwards.

Also, note that I only use tee tree oil on whiteheads and cystic pimples. I am very prone to blackheads, especially on my nose but I haven’t found a cure to that yet!

Have you tried tea tree oil on your acne before? Did it work for you? Also, what other essential oils do you like to use and why? If you have any suggestions, comment below and I may feature you in a future post!


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