Inspiration Board 2: Navy Blue Nautical

Hello! Sorry for not posting for a few days. I’ve been so busy! Here is Inspiration Board number 2 though! I love anything nautical. I grew up in a coastal area and when I wasn’t busy riding horses, I was out on the boat. Enjoy!
Inspiration Board 2: Navy Blue Nautical

EShakti dress

Sleeveless top

MARBELLA flat shoes
$37 –

Blue purse
$43 –

Brakeburn zip around wallet
$30 –

Mark Kostiak friendship bracelet
$28 –

Evening shawl

Tech accessory

Navy blue nail polish

Eleanor Stuart tea mug

Surya ottoman

Nautical beach towel
$45 –

Blue dinnerware

Mirrored tray

If you have any ideas for future boards, feel free to post them below!


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