What to Watch on Netflix (other than Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the New Black)

I love Netflix. I can spend hours on my nights off watching shows up there. I’ve noticed a lot of posts on what to watch on Netflix lately but they all have the same shows listed! I’m not saying there is anything wrong with shows such as Pretty Little Liars. Shows like that are great but I’m disappointed when I click on an article only to find the same shows listed. What are some shows you like to watch that not many people know about? I decided it’s time to dig around Netflix and find some hidden gems!

1. The 100- I love this series! They only have season one on Netflix (you can buy season two on Amazon Instant Video), but it’s a good series. It’s about a bunch of teen prisoners that get sent back to post-apocalyptic Earth to see if it’s habitable again. The twist is that these teens may not be alone.

2. Between- I just started this series but it’s pretty cool. Basically, everyone over twenty two dies of a mysterious disease in a small town. The federal government quarantines the survivors and they are left to fend for themselves.

3. Heartland- This is the series for any horse lover. I used to collect all the books as a teenager. The main character, Amy, is left to take care of her family’s farm after her mother dies. Her grandfather and sister help as much as they can, but can Amy live up to her mother’s reputation and keep Heartland afloat?

4. Hart of Dixie- I haven’t started watching this show yet, but it’s on my list! It’s about a girl who inherits a medical practice in the south and has to adjust to life in the country.

5. Life Unexpected- A teenager in foster care, Lux, finds out who her real parents are and ends up in the middle of a custody battle. This is also another show that is on my to watch list.

Are there any shows that you like to watch? Feel free to share them below!


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