Disappointing Product: Sally Hanson Miracle Gel

I don’t normally wear Sally Hanson. I’m an Essie addict. I had a $2.00 coupon and since the place I work at sells Sally Hanson nail products, I was able to use my 20% discount. That’s the only reason I bought it.  I was curious to try out the product but was sadly disappointed.

First, the product is way overpriced. The original price (at least where I work), is $9.99. I paid $6.00. If the product had lived up to it’s claim, it may have been worth the price.

It claims to last up to fourteen days, like a normal salon gel manicure and you don’t need a light to dry the manicure. I’ve had a salon gel manicure done for a friend’s wedding and honestly, it does not compare.

Second, it was all thick, goopy, and hard to paint on. It would almost clump and leave bare spots on my nails. I had to paint more than a couple of layers on which made it take a long time to try. In fact, I had to sit there for over an hour waiting for it to dry.

It chipped very easily. I know I live on a farm and nail polish tends to chip but I had been at my boyfriend’s all night so I did nothing to make it chip. I went to work (which is retail). I did nothing that would make my nails chip. I just ran the register and changed the sale stickers on the vitamins. Yet, by the end of my short four hour shift, my nails were all chipped up.

The only thing I like about the product is the color, Pretty Piggly. It’s pink though, and I’m sure I can find almost the exact same color from Essie. I will not be purchasing this product again.

Have any of y’all tried Sally Hanson Miracle Gel? What was your experience with this product? If not, what nail polish brand do you like to use?

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19 thoughts on “Disappointing Product: Sally Hanson Miracle Gel

  1. Yes, I've used Sally Hansen in the past so I was quite surprised. I'm thinking about doing a “Second Chance Sunday” post and giving it another try. I followed you on Bloglovin'. Great blog!


  2. There are a lot of differing opinions on this product but for the price and the hype, it's not worth it. I know a lot of generic, non-gel polishes that work better!


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