Oh, Hey Friday!

1. It’s been raining for days. When it rains this much, I know to put on my muck boots and head out to the barn ready to shovel a couple inches of mud and horse poop out of he aisle. It’s not fun. I love rain to an extent but when it starts flooding everything, I’m not too thrilled about it. 
2. On the plus side, we adopted some adorable ducklings! We’ve always had chickens, but a few months ago, we decided to try our hands at raising ducks. We enjoyed the two ducklings so much, that we added 9 more to the group. Of course, my dad is rolling his eyes and asking if we need another animal but mom and I don’t ask him to help us with the chores that come with keeping ducks. They are quite fun and I prefer ducks over chickens now. Hopefully S will let me keep ducks when we get married. Do you raise ducks? Any tips or hacks for taking care of them? Comment below if you have any advice!

 3.So S asked me my ring size the other night. I asked him why and he just gave me this sheepish grin. We have been talking about marriage lately so an engagement ring might be in my near future! I’ll keep y’all updated!

4. Mango frozen yogurt is delicious. That is all.

5. I had the most wonderful idea for a wedding theme! A honeybee theme! I love honey and mom almost named me that so it would be perfect! I practically squealed in delight when I saw pictures of a honeybee themed wedding on Pinterest!


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